Urtica dioica- Nettle Leaf Tincture

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Urtica dioica 

Nettle leaf is a deeply nourishing herb, rich in calcium, magnesium, boron, iron, beta-carotene and most B vitamins. It is an amazing herb for those with deficient blood. The high boron and trace mineral content also makes it useful for retaining calcium. Nettles have a gentle diuretic action and a restoring, strengthening, and toning effect on the kidneys. This plant is everyone's favorite for hay fever and seasonal allergies. It works is best when taken regularly, starting before allergy season. As a highly alkalizing herb, nettle also helps to remove protein wastes (urates) from the body which makes it useful for gout, arthritis, and muscle soreness. This plant was once said to be made from gold- it is that essential!

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