Plantago major- Plantain Leaf Tincture

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Plantago major 

This common weed is perhaps best know for its drawing and styptic effects, which make it a superb plant for stemming bleeding and removing dirt and grime from wounds. Its healing mucilaginous properties make it a good treatment for gastritis, peptic ulcers, diarrhea, IBS, dry irritated coughs, dry sinuses, and wound healing. It can be of use during colds, flu, and bronchitis when there is a need to moisten the throat and lungs or to help draw infection out of the throat and tonsils. Plantain poultices are traditionally used to help draw the poison from bites, stings, and rashes caused by poisonous or irritating plants. It can also help soothe the itch associated with these skin ailments, particularly when applied as a wash. Plantain washes can also work wonders on acne, soothing inflammation and drawing pimples to a head without over-drying sensitive skin.

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