Fo-Ti Root

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Polygonum multiflorum 

 Fo ti, also know as He Shou Wu, is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine to tonify the liver and kidneys and to build blood. It is known to turn grey hair black again by augmenting the jing, or vital essence of the kidneys. The blood and essence deficiencies for which fo ti may be useful are often marked dizziness, tinnitus, vertigo, soreness and flaccidity of the lumbar and knees, erectile dysfunction, and early greying. Fo ti also moistens the intestines, helping to ease constipation. The fo ti we sell has been cured in a traditional preparation that includes black bean sauce and wine. This process enhances some of the root’s benefits and lends a smoky flavor. 

**People with celiac disease may wish to avoid cured fo ti, as the curing liquid is not guaranteed to be gluten-free**


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