THS Ceremonial Myst-Psychic Ascension (2oz)

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Open to the intuitive insights of the third-eye.

An opening and intuitive spray for third-eye insight. This room spray is created for clairvoyance and channeling wisdom from the universe. Use this spray in ceremony or ritual to clarify and ascend into your psychic gifts. Lavender and Mugwort are plants to help expand the third-eye. Jasmine and Mugwort essential oils aid in spiritual awakening and divine insight. The energetic healing powers of Iris and Mugwort Flower Essence can enhance your journey to the universal realm. The deep indigo of Amethyst crystals is the color associated with healing and awakening to the power of the third-eye. Ascend beyond the material realm with this opening Psychic Ascension Mist.

Directions: 1-3 sprays on your person or in your space. Use for meditation, clarity, and intuitive insights. May be used as a room, body, and bed spray.

Ingredients: Lavender Hydrosol, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oil Blend: Jasmine Clary Sage. Flower Essence Blend: Mugwort, Iris. Crystals: Amethyst. Mica.