Tame the Flame for Pets-2oz packaged

Joint support for your furry friend!

Just like we get inflammation in our joints due to injury, overexertion, or natures aging process, so do animals. Tame the flame for Pets is for your animals aches and pains.

Use regularly to help support joint health, reduce inflammation and repair damaged tissue. This formula can be used as a preventative for aging pets, or for animals with arthritis or injury.

  • Joint Support
  • Inflammation
  • Healthy Pets
  • Aging Pets


  • Licorice Rt, Devils Claw Rt, Yucca Pwd, Ginger Rt, Turmeric Rt, Hawthorne Lf, Slippery Elm Bk, Cat's Claw Bk.


  • Sprinkle in your pets favorite food.
$ 13.50

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