Schisandra Berry

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Schisandra chinenses 

Schisandra berry is prized in traditional Chinese medicine because it possesses all five flavors recognized in TCM. Practitioners consider it beneficial to all five of the yin organs- the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, and spleen. It also acts as an adaptogen, helping the body restore balance when prolonged stress and exhaustion have given rise to physical complications. It is great for relaxing the central nervous system, preventing or treating stress-related immune system depletion, reducing brain fog, and calming stress-related palpitations and respiratory complaints. TCM practitioners also employ schisandra in combination with lung-specific herbs for persistent cough, phlegm, and asthma. Its astringent properties help to dry excess fluids, making it useful for diarrhea, frequent urination, excessive vaginal discharge, and excessive sweating. It also has an affinity for the skin, especially during eruptive or inflammatory skin conditions brought on by stress.


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