Sagittarius Astrology Kit

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For the season of Sagittarius, this kit will support and encourage your fiery nature towards exploration, spirit-seeking, and joy.

This kit includes herbs for grounding, meditation, balance, and expansion. Embody the Sagittarius season by working with the plants and planets! The Sagittarius kit was created with the planet Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, in mind. This is a time for theoretical exploration. The herbs in our Luminary tea blend support liver health, anti-inflammatory actions, moistening herbs to help with digestion, alongside the visioning plant mugwort.The cedar e.o. spray spritzer brings one into community and helps alignment with inner values. Turquoise crystal for wisdom, emotional balance, good luck, spiritual grounding, and joy. Sacred Smoke blend encourages journeying and heart healing

Kit Includes:

-3 tea bags of THS Luminary Tea Blend

-Turquoise stone

-5ml spritzer-(Flower Essence Blend: California Poppy, Essential Oil: Cedar.

-THS Sacred Smoke Blend

-Sagittarius Booklet