Peumus molina- Boldo Tincture

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Peumus boldus

Boldo is a medicinal tree found in Chile and Peru. Indigenous peoples of these regions have long used the leaves as a tonic, antiseptic, and stimulant. Herbalists employ boldo leaf to support the gallbladder, treat gallstones, and reduce pain associated with liver and gallbladder inflammation. Boldo contains an alkaloid that protects the liver and helps stimulate the production and secretion of liver bile. Boldo may also be used to treat heartburn and bloating associated with poor digestion, and to boost the absorption of nutrients through the digestive tract. It is a mild diuretic. In combination with other bladder-health herbs, it has been used to help treat cystitis.  Dried boldo leaves are also used as a culinary herb in Chilean and Peruvian cuisine.

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