Muscle Maximizer Capsule Single

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Build muscle and enhance endurance!

Looking to increase your stamina and endurance without jittery side effects? Working to build muscle? Add this maca and ashwagandha powder blend to your favorite breakfast smoothie or post-workout protein shake! Or follow the recipe below to make a delicious milkshake with maca's stamina-boosting power and ashwagandha's calming and strengthening properties!

Maca/Ashwagandha Milkshake Recipe
1 TB Muscle Maximizer powder
1 cup nut milk
dash of sea salt
vanilla-flavored ice cream (we like it with cashew-milk ice cream!)

 Blend all ingredients in blender, adding enough ice cream to thicken! 

Muscle Maximizer Ingredients: ashwagandha powder, maca powder, vanilla bean powder (sucrose,  vanilla bean), pumpkin pie spice

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