Mercury Retrograde Astrology Kit

$ 32.50

Herbal and energetic support to help you work with the trickster, Mercury!

This kit will help you to stay grounded while supporting creative exploration during notorious Mercury Retrograde.

It includes a Lapis Lazuli stone to assist with clear communication, three teabags of our Here and Now tea blend, a flower essence spritzer with Vetiver essential oil, our Aphrodite smoke blend, and a small booklet with detailed product descriptions.

  • Mercury Retrograde
  • Astrology
  • Zodiac
  • Communication

Included in this kit:

  • 3 tea bags of Here and Now (Ingredients: Skullcap, Holy Basil, Rose, Passionflower, Linden, Fennel Seed.)
  • Lapis Lazuli stone
  • 5ml spritzer (Ingredients: Flower Essences of Borage, Cosmo, Snapdragon, Blackberry, with Essential Oils of Vetiver, and Lapis crystal in Rose Water.)
  • THS Aphrodite smoke blend (Ingredients: Mullein Lf, Raspberry Lf, Damiana Lf, Rose Petal, Lemongrass.)
  • Mercury Retrograde Booklet

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Mercury Retrograde