Make Your Own: Herbal Product Series
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Take better care of yourself by learning to make basic, at-home, organic herbal products.

This program shows you how easy it is to create everything you need in your home. The power is in your hands to make the best decisions for your wellness! The more aware you are about what goes on and in your body and environment, the more exciting it is to learn how a few simple ingredients can be converted into all the products you need in your daily routine.

In this Make Your Own Class Series, we will:

  • Learn how to infuse oils as a basic foundation for salves, lip balms and body oils used for massage and skin care.
  • Dive into the decadent world of herb-infused syrups, honeys & elixirs.
  • Learn how to make your own cleaning supplies and smudge as an energetic tool for clearing your space at home.
  • Indulge in natural skin & hair care, handmade soap and bath fizzy balls.
  • Understand the basics of tinctures, extracts, cocktail infusions and herbal bitters.
  • Learn how fermentation can be a fun, delicious, yet simple addition to a good gut health regime.
  • Introduce the basics of essential oils, including the pros and cons and understanding their strength and power in your products.
  • Review the fundamentals of “food as medicine” by creating yummy herbal balls, candies, nettle/dandelion pesto and jams.

Over the course of four months in THS’s Make Your Own Program, you will gain the knowledge to become empowered in making these products yourself at home.

Next class series begins Jan 2019

  1. Infused Oils/Salves/Lipbalms/Candles/body oils/Shaving Cream
  2. Herbal Syrups/Elixirs/Cordials/Honeys/Oxymel
  3. Cleaning supplies/Smudges
  4. Skin Care/Bath Balls/Bath Salts/Deodorants/Shampoo’s
  5. Tinctures/Extracts/Bitters
  6. Kombucha/Fire Cider/ Kefir water
  7. Hydrols/Perfume Blends/Essential Oils
  8. Herbal Energy Balls/Gummies/Candies/Jams/Nettle Pesto
  9. Soaps

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