Lobelia inflata- Lobelia Tincture

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Lobelia inflata 

Lobelia is a powerful antispasmodic and respiratory stimulant, invaluable for asthma and for quitting smoking. It relaxes the muscles of the smaller bronchial tubes, thus opening the airways, stimulating breathing, and promoting the expulsion of phlegm. It also relaxes skeletal muscles, and is very effective when applied topically for sprains and strains, back pain, and general muscle soreness. Traditionally it was mixed with cayenne in order to relax tension while pushing blood flow to the afflicted area. Lobelia has been smoked by Native Americans for hundreds of years, earning it the nickname Indian Tobacco. It is an incomparable asset for those attempting to stop smoking, since it resembles tobacco in its ability to both stimulate and relax. One of its primary constituents, lobeline, is received at the same receptor sites used by nicotine, giving lobelia the ability to dull nicotine cravings. It also has the nickname pukeweed due to its strong emetic effect, so dose carefully!  


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