Hedge Guild Otherworld Oracle Deck & Guidebook Set

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The new Hedge Guild Oracle is a unique herbal, animist and archetypal themed oracle deck and book,
together serving as an animist augur and myth-hearted tool for our epoch. Here is a system different from but
reminiscent of traditional Tarot, only with healing and nature-informed themes to clarify our perceptions, options and paths.

Its 3 arcana are ancient animist archetypes, iconic animal life, magical plants and healing herbs.
In periods of great challenge and unpredictable change, the tales of the Hedge Guild’s 60 cards can prove both
insightful and empowering. The card readings and interpretations can make more clear the elements, factors,
lessons and practical aids, potential consequences and outcomes to be found in any context or situation –
equipping the reader with what they may personally need in these current epic and momentous times.