Blooming Mate Tea
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Blooming Mate 
[pronounced ma-TAY]

“A floral yerba mate blend to invigorate mind & body”

Energizing yerba mate meets sweet, uplifting florals! This light-tasting, spring-inspired blend offers a caffeine boost balanced with herbs to enhance focus and open the heart.

Gotu kola and ginkgo sharpen memory and concentration, while vitamin-packed moringa grounds and nourishes. Linden and jasmine lend their delicate flavor and lovely, expansive energy. Lemon peel adds a touch of zest. Drink in the morning to set the tone for the day ahead, or take an afternoon tea break to help you recharge and refocus!

Ingredients: Yerba mate, gotu kola, ginko, moringa leaf, linden, jasmine, lemon peel

Directions: Brew one tablespoon per cup of water for 2-5 minutes. (Brewing longer may bring out the bitter tannins)