Artemesia vulgaris- Mugwort Tincture

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Artemesia vulgaris 

Mugwort’s latin name relates to Artemis, goddess of the moon and mother of nature. Mugwort is widely known for its ability to induce vivid or lucid dreams. It is mildly stimulating to the nervous system, and can help to reduce tension, improve digestion, increase circulation and nourish the nerves and muscles. Also known as "croneswort," this plant has long been used for its uterine effects. It can help to induce menstrual flow, move stagnant blood, and relieve painful cramping by increasing circulation to the pelvic region. Mugwort is also used in traditional Chinese medicine for warming the body and breaking up stagnation, and is burned as moxa in some acupuncture treatments. 

*Mugwort contains thujone, which is considered toxic in certain doses. It is not recommended for long term use, and should be dosed carefully. Not for use in pregnancy or nursing. Check for contraindications.*

THS recommends that you consult with a qualified healthcare professional before using herbal products, particularly if you take other medications, or if you are nursing, pregnant, or expecting to become pregnant.  

This information is for education purposes, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration