Aquarius Astrology Kit

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For the season of Aquarius, this kit offers support for calming and healing your nervous system, promoting creativity, and calling in visionary energy. It includes herbs to support your nervous system, circulation, and grounding. Embody the Aquarius season by working with the plants and planets!


The Aquarius kit was created with the planets Uranus and Saturn in mind. As the rulers of Aquarius, they represent freedom, genius, and the collective.


We created a tea blend for Aquarius that supports your nervous system, cleanses, promotes circulation, and is anti-inflammatory. The essential oil spritzer invokes gentleness and sympathy, moderation, tolerance, balance, and a harmonious community consciousness. Moss Agate is included for healing and grounding ritual. Our Aquarius incense blend is formulated to soothe the nervous system and promote creativity.

Included in this kit:

-Aquarius booklet

-Aquarius Energetic Spritzer: 

-Moss Agate crystal

-Aquarius incense blend

-Aquarius tea blend