THS Ceremonial Myst-Shield Protecting (2oz)

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Stand strong in your power. 

Protection is your birthright and you deserve to stand strong in your power! Feel the plants shield you as you make your boundaries known.


When we realize and accept that protection is our birthright it can be easier to stand in our power, set boundaries, stick to them, and protect ourselves from the emotional arrows that life throws our way. When your boundaries are not being respected and your energetic field feels penetrated, state what you need and use this spray as a sheild. Opium Poppy flower essence will create a literal shield around both your energetic and physical body, guarding you from unnecessary harm and securing a sacred space within which you can recuperate and heal. Yarrow flower essence bestows a shining shield of light which protects and unifies the essential Self. As you breath in the aroma of Palo Santo, know: you are safe, you are whole, you are protected.


*Read more about Opium Poppy Flower Essence here:


Directions: 1-3 sprays on your person or in your space. Use for calling in protection and setting your boundaries. May be used as a body or aura spray. Make sure to clearly meditate on or say out loud what you need.



Ingredients: Devils Club Hydrosol, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oil Blend: Palo Santo. Flower Essence Blend: Opium Poppy, Yarrow. Crystals: Obsidian . Mica.