THS Ceremonial Myst-Rooted Grounding (2oz)

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Ground down to rise up.

Our Rooted spray has been created to help center the body and bring on grounding within the energetic system. We are often pulled out of our body and into our headspace, so much so that we can feel anxious, spacey and unfocused, or easily agitated. Plants like Cedar remind us to stand firm and tall and feel our roots planted into the Earth. Lavender, one of the most beloved relaxing plants, can help center us and ease feelings of unrest. Flower essences of White Chestnut and Red Clover aid in reducing scattered feelings of all over the place and taking in the emotions of others.

Directions: 1-3 sprays on your person or in your space. 

Ingredients: Cedar Hydrosol, Apricot Oil, Essential Oil Blend: Lavender, Cedar, Frankincense. Flower Essence Blend: White Chestnut, Red Clover. Crystals: . Mica.