THS Ceremonial Myst-Psychic Ascension (2oz)

$ 25.75

Open to the intuitive insights of the third-eye

An opening and intuitive spray for third-eye insight. This room spray is created for clairvoyance and channeling wisdom from the universe. Use this spray in ceremony or ritual to clarify and ascend into your psychic gifts.
  • Third Eye
  • Intuition
  • Dreams
  • Ceremonial


  • Lavender Hydrosol, Essential Oil Blend: Jasmine, Mugwort. Flower Essence Blend: Mugwort, Iris. Crystals: Amethyst. Mica.


  • 1-3 sprays on your person or in your space. Use for meditation, clarity, and intuitive insights. May be used as a room, body, and bed spray.

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Essential oil