THS Inner Guide Flower Essence 1oz

$ 14.50

Listen to the voice inside and let it guide you

Our Inner Guide Flower Essence is an energetic blend formulated to help you connect with your intuition. In addition to deepening intuition, the essences in this formula help expand your awareness to the cosmos while opening your third eye. Let Inner Guide; guide you towards integration of both the metaphysical and the physical realms.
  • Intuition
  • Self Love
  • Inner Guidance
  • Ceremonial


  • Distilled Water, ETOH. Flower Essence Blend: Queen Anne's Lace, Peppermint, Shasta Daisy, Hound's Tongue, Mugwort, Sage, Star Tulip.


  • Take energetic drops. 3 drops up to 3 times a day.

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