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Pisces Astrology Kit

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For the season of Pisces

Pisces  \   Feb 21-March 20 \    Mutable water

Pisces is the final and completing sign of the zodiac, where whatever might separate us dissolves into compassion and oneness. The sigil of the two fish represents the ocean, a metaphor for the oneness that we all belong to. The ocean also represents movement, the movement of the soul into co-creation with spirit. Because Pisces is at the end of the zodiacal cycle it also represents the life death life cycle. There is a vast knowledge to be found in Pisces with it’s connection to spirituality, the mystery of the divine, and our higher psychic center.  Pisces season asks us to be present during times of change, mystery, and deep exploration through dreams, spiritual practices, art, and memories. During Pisces season we might feel closer to the divine, as though we are gazing into the vast ocean itself, a reflection of the deep waters of our Soul. 

Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is the planet of dreams, spirituality, spirits, memories, and the unconscious. Jupiter, named after the sky and thunder god Zeus in Greek mythology, represents optimism and growth, justice, wisdom traditions, abundance, self-development, risk taking, enthusiasm, religion.

TAROT card is the Moon where we return to the shadow and the deep waters of our being 


Kit Includes:

-3 tea bags of THS Pisces Tea Blend

Connect to your psychic center, a lymph mover, helpful boundaries, relaxed nervous system.

Ingredients: violet, yarrow, chickweed, shatavari, spearmint.

-5ml spritzer-

Flower Essence / essential oil:  walnut – adaptation and protection from overwhelm, Rock rose – deepen connection to psychic center and to feel calm, fearlessness. Clematis – living in the present, anchored to your body. Sandalwood e.o., a supportive oil to assist in emotional healing

-THS Pisces Incense Blend: For Creative Dreamers

Ingredients: Dragon’s Blood, Mugwort, Sage, Violet, Western Red Cedar Leaf, White Copal, Yarrow. Essential Oil Blend: Clary Sage, Mugwort, Clementine, Cedar, Lemongrass. 


Bloodstone, use this stone to help engage with your spiritual practice; heightens intuition, creativity, dreaming process

-Pisces Booklet

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