Wise Sage Throat Spray 2oz

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Soothe that scratchy throat!

A throat spray made to comfort an irritated and exhausted throat. Antiviral and soothing herbs to help fight against infection and calm inflammation. With antispasmodic herbs like Valerian to help relax the muscles of the body from all that strained coughing. As Echinacea and Elecampane work to stimulate the immune system they also ward off infection. Use this spray as a preventative when the people around you are sick, or when you can’t get that cough to go away, just a few sprays to the back of the mouth as needed to alleviate the pain. Goodbye scratchy throat!

Instructions: 1-3 Sprays directly into the throat.

Ingredients: Sage Leaf, Echinacea P Root, Licorice Root, Elecampane Root, Wild Cherry Bark, Marshmallow Root, Valerian Root, Honey, Distilled Water, Apple Cider Vinegar.