The Witch is Always Home: Poetry by Amelia Weesies

The Witch is Always Home Who is the woman in the willow tree? I hear her whispers in the shadows of my cage A name once worn of Courage The sashay of movement was a home once lived Where did I learn to refuse her songs? For now I wish to know them Has she vanished, have they banished her for good? I cry out for her, no voices to be heard When taught that trust lies out of self I pursue the shells of others To search for her inward, A foolish journey untaken Long has the pain encouraged change Have I the mind to listen? Maybe my heart broken is my heart open Open, there shines the burning gleam To step inside is to leave behind a slew of shells worn out The choice now mine, naked is the narrow path She rises to my valor and reflects to me my dance An embrace remembered, a cage now filled with light The forgotten whispers of the willow’s branches and the songs the woman sung A search revealed a truth known The witch is always home By Amelia Weesies

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