Winter Wellness with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

It seems like every person that I speak with lately has a horrible cold or flu. You know the really bad ones that just drag on for, as long as, the winter is here! The winter months are the hardest for folks to stay well. With the constant change of weather and in most parts of the northern hemisphere large winter temperature changes blowing through each day it’s no wonder our immune system’s are in a constant state of flux to stay well. This month we are introducing our wellness line. We have lots of things to keep you well through the winter months! Check out these new products for immune boosting.
Immune Boosting Soup Blend—Food is Medicine! Our immune boosting seasoning blend is perfect for the cold season and anytime to help ward off infections and viruses! Dropped into a pot of soup for a powerful immune boosting kick, our blend is another way to build up the immune system this season. Our immune boosting soup blend is packed with antimicrobial herbs like sage and thyme, antivirals like reishi mushroom, and anti-inflammatory plants like turmeric and cayenne. Astragalus root is added as a defense against unwanted infection and illness. Grab a small muslin bag and drop it into your soup for a powerful immunity boost to your next meal! Immune Boosting Oil BlendKeep yourself well Our Immune Boosting Oil Blend is inspired by Thieves Oil, a blend traditionally used by Gypsies to avoid the plague. A potent combination of essential oils provides immune support through their antimicrobial and protective qualities. This age old remedy can be used topically, or added to a bath or diffuser to support health and wellness. Ursa Major—Invite your intuition to guide you to empowerment. Let Mama Bear soothe your throat and free your voice! A few tablespoons of this tasty herbal syrup blend will soothe a sore throat, loosen chest congestion, and boost your immune system. The blend stars osha root, a soothing, antibacterial, expectorant also known as bear root. Indigenous tribes have long treasured the bear medicines, a class of medicinal roots that both resemble bears in their hairy brown appearance, and are eaten by bears as medicinal fuel. On a spiritual level, bear medicines are prized for their ability to enhance intuition and clarity. This blend would pair up nicely with your favorite cup of tea before bed, helping you to connect with your dream world. Elderberry Blast—Give your immune system a delicious boost! Make yourself a batch of Elderberry Blast Syrup. A delicious combination of flavor and vitamin C. Give your body a little extra boost to stay well this season. Berry Immunity TeaThis blend will leave you feeling strong & powerful to combat whatever comes your way! Our Berry Immunity Tea is named after one of our favorite ways to build up the immune system, Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra)! It is combined with other herbs to help us build up defenses to avoid illness and infection. Stop by and see us to view our complete line of winter wellness. To set up an herbal consultation with me for cold and flu, either in person or via facetime or Skype, email:

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