Wild Rose Flower Essence with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

In 2020, I would like to explore flower essences with you. This very gentle, but powerful medicine is taken in small doses, otherwise known as micro-dosing. Each month we will take a deeper look at one plant and how it might be beneficial to you. The beauty of flower essence is that it works by enhancing and working with the energetic body. Flower essences are subtle energetic medicine to help and shift whatever energy you are working on, by embracing the spirit of each individual plant. I know that I am constantly trying to evolve and breakdown the layers of life to be a more well-rounded and grounded person. At times, the older we become, the muddier it gets to try and remember the core essence of our beings. Our emotions often rule our whole life. Whether or not we want to admit it, our mood can make or break a day or moment in time. The delicateness and beauty of Rose has been a symbol of love, friendship and passion across the ages, to say the least. The scent of a Rose can without words say "I love you." There are many varieties and colors of Rose, and each one can represent different messages to the person receiving this beauty. Here is a lovely breakdown of each color:
  • Red-Love and passion. The lovers Rose.
  • White-Innocence and purity.
  • Yellow-Friendship and joy.
  • Pink-Gratitude, sweetness and admiration.
  • Orange-Desire, enthusiasm and energy.
  • Purple-Enchantment or love at first sight.
In Portland, The City of Roses, we have an abundance and variety of Roses that tickle your nose with seductive scents and a beautiful array of visual display, giving us an opportunity to dive deep into working with Rose in flower essence form. For me, Rose was one of the first plants I fell in love with. I wanted to know each of them intimately and understand the beauty and knowledge that they were sending to me. It felt like an ancient knowledge was being passed down to me with their message. Rose is one of the most iconic and symbolic plants that, across the world, represents unspoken messages. Not only is the beauty of the Rose blossom well known, so are the thorns it may carry with it. Rose, to me, represents not only love, beauty and seduction, but also protection of the heart. It's thorns help me to remember that love is challenging and it will come with some hard, prickly moments, but to embrace the delicate nature of love, we must embrace the good and the bad in those relationships. True love is never perfect, but it is patient and kind in its message. Just like Rose, it takes time to develop the sweetness of truly accepting a person or our self for our blossoms and our thorns. Wherever you are in the world, I encourage you to wander your region and sit with the Roses that are in bloom where you are. Listen to their message, what are they sending your way? In this blog, I would like to focus on Wild Rose as a flower essence. Wild Rose can tame the overgrowth of blackberry and it is known as a wild invasive plant in the PNW. In the times that we are living in, Wild Rose may be a perfect ally for you. Its simplicity can help to guide you through the trials of life and ease the emotional turmoil and pain that comes with those challenges. Wild Rose can be helpful in these situations:
  • Aid in the will to live, to embrace life
  • Fill you with joy in times of trials and tribulations
  • Soothe the pain of hardship
  • Allow your soul to be wild when needed
  • Restore the vital forces of the soul
  • Remind you that you are love
  • Support when needed in love
FES beautifully states, “this essence teaches that life is a sacred and precious opportunity which the soul must make every effort to embrace, if it is to find the true meaning of love and physical incarnation”. If you are struggling with finding your inner will to move forward, a little meander with Wild Rose could be the perfect sidekick to help to spark the inner flame you are searching for. Check out our complete line of THS Flower Essence products, create your own custom blend in our blending bar, or set up a consultation with me to dive deeper into your emotional and energetic world. To set up an herbal consultation with me, either in person or via Facetime or Skype, email: info@theherbshoppepharmacy.com

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