Turning Down the Candle: Inflammation with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

What an incredible year we have had at The Herb Shoppe! We thank you all for staying tuned with us in the shop and through social media. Thank you for coming in to learn about herbs with us and sharing your own inspirations and journeys with plant medicine! We love it! We have so many exciting things in-store for 2018. Coming soon in the Winter of 2018 you will be able to watch our classes on the website! So for those of you in different states or countries you will be able to join us! We have 2 new THS teachers that will be teaching with us, Clare Kritter will be doing Herbal Education and Vicky Madruga will be leading us in guided Meditations. Continue to learn How to Make Herbal Goodies with myself and how to incorporate herbs into your healthy eating with Nicole aka Chef Nige! Tune into KGW8 (NBC) the last Thursday of the month starting in January to learn about making herbal products. In the Spring you will be able to chime in and share your experiences with us on our herbal podcast StoryThyme! We want to hear about how herbal medicine has helped you. Email us if you want to share your stories. info@theherbshoppepharmacy.com Winter is popping her head out to say hello, all the flower bulbs are slumbering in wait of the spring. They are growing strong in their slumber. The day light is shorter and the nights are longer. You may have already seen your first snow flurry! What a beautiful time of year for turning inward. Slowing down. Taking notice of the slower pace. Turning down the candle. Our bodies need a slowing down and rest period in the year. It is one thing that I appreciate from the PNW, we are inclined to naturally slow down this time of year. To rest and recharge; to lie dormant for a moment. Then we will be ready to bud and blossom once the light begins to shift and spring arrives. When I think about Inflammation in bodies and how it effects our wellbeing, it seems to me that it is primarily from being over worked. An over-load of stress can send inflammation into a frenzy, firing off all kinds of alerts to area’s that are inflamed. Very much like Mother Nature, our body needs to rest as well. We can learn so much by these natural rhythms. Removing stress from your day to day is often a challenge in our society. However, research past and present are finding such a common connection with stress and inflammation. So what are some good ways to tackle Stress and Inflammation in your life and what are you waiting for? :) -Balance: Find some balance to your own chaos. We all have it! Take a minute to find that piece that seems out of proportion. Herbs that can help with imbalances are also known as Adaptogens. Check our Soul Shine tea or tincture. -Rest: Go soak in your bathtub, grab your favorite bath salts or at a common soaking pool in your community. Add some essential oil to your diffuser at home. Take a Nap with our Sweet Slumber Tea Blend and Tincture! -Meditate to create: When we shut off our rambling minds we find stillness. In the stillness we have clarity. In the clarity we create! Take the time to meditate and turn it down! Check out Vicky’s Meditation Classes in the Spring. Many Blessings! Looking forward to another great year! To set up an in-person or video chat herbal or flower essence consultation with me email: info@theherbshoppepharmacy.com

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