Return to Restoration: Words and Flower Essences for Libra Season

A year ago I heard a man on the radio remark: “there’s a devil in this country and it’s looking for a home”. Well it found one. And even though the devil is as old as this nation itself, a lot of us are experiencing a renewed sense of urgency and confusion. Old world orders are disintegrating as activists dismantle systems of oppression. Diplomatic discourse, morals and mores are being redefined and altogether abandoned by our leaders. Everyday citizens are awakening to the deep imbalances within our culture, and the natural world is communicating to us in new and powerful ways—destroying homes and livelihoods in her wake. This coming month is an incredibly potent time to begin integrating the medicine of Libra into our lives and communities, medicine we need now more than ever. ……………………… After the last few weeks of Virgo’s organizational ambition and the fiery burnout of eclipse season, October, with its crisp air and chilly nights, is a time to usher in the benevolent breath of Libra. Under the graceful rulership of Venus, Libra rules how we relate to others and understand ourselves through relationship. Venus is the great and gentle facilitator, the most skilled of social butterflies who naturally moves towards equilibrium and ease, peace and comfort. The very essence of Libra is balancing, and it rules how we feel taken care of and balanced by relationship. It’s no coincidence that the Equinox, day of equal light and darkness, marks the Sun’s transition into this sign. Libra also rules how we individually understand, access and create beauty in our lives, and in its quest for balance and beauty, rules justice. If we trace the word justice all the way through Middle English and Old French, back through Latin, we come to Old Latin and to the word ious. Ious is considered “peculiar to Latin” and likely originated in the Proto-Indo-European religious cults of early Europe. It comes as no surprise that as the root of justice, ious means “law”, but it also means “sacred formulation”. The word formula implies a combination, a thoughtful and intentional arrangement, or relationship, of sorts. So justice is more than the rule of law, it is all things in sacred relationship to everything else. It is Libra, sign of scales, who knows more than anyone that all things are in relationship to everything else, and that justice prevails through balance. It shows us how being in sacred relationship, balanced relationship, is doing justice to ourselves and to others. In this way, Libra is vigilance. It imparts to us an awareness of self and other, light and shadow, peace and chaos. As Franco Santoro writes, “justice is the acknowledgement and conscious expression of multi-dimensional balance and harmony.” Libra asks us to give our attention to what is out of balance in our lives, in our everyday communities and environment, and in our world. Libra then invites us to even the scales. As an Air sign, I don’t typically consider Libra to be any more connected to the natural world than any other sign. Yet Nature itself is the ultimate teacher of balance, beauty and justice. The natural world, with its undeniable magnificence and simple splendor, its changing climate, storms and droughts, abundant life and impartial death, knows only balance. Nature is self-organizing and is, in all of its flux, balance. And like the natural world, or the seasons, Libra knows the sacred medicine of death—of letting go in service to sanctity. Libra asks us: where is there beauty in letting go? What impedes balance in our lives? Where can we bring justice to our communities and cultures? This time of year, as the leaves begin to change and we brace for the dark cold of winter, let Libra guide you towards beauty, even in darkness. Let it teach you grace in chaos. Let it give you the strength and courage to do your work in the world, restoring balance, restoring justice. On October 5th, there will be a Full Moon in the sign of Aries. Aries opposes Libra and teaches us about our essential, individualized vitality. This is a time that in some ways, juxtaposes the work that is unfolding in Libra. A time that sheds light on Libran qualities, but also on the aspects of life often overlooked by the sign of scales. We can use this full moon to contemplate the fundamental balance between self and other, independence versus collaboration. If Libra teaches us that our world is simply a matrix of relationships, Aries asks: where and how do we, as an individual, live out our lives? Flower Essences for Libra Season: Agrimony: There are times when the Libra personality is so committed to peace and consensus-building that they lose sight of their own needs. They can be known for their cheery disposition when deep down they are grappling with their own emotional complexity, as if wearing a mask of sorts. Agrimony supports us to more honestly acknowledge our own emotional needs and states while radiating true inner peace. Goldenrod: Goldenrod essence supports us to more effectively embody our own individuality within a group setting. Because the Libra in us can so easily merge with others in order to maintain peace, Goldenrod supports us to balance the polarity of self and other. Calendula: Calendula flower essence provides a sense of warmth and receptivity, especially through dialogue. Centaury: Centaury flower essence helps us access an inner strength, allowing us to nourish our own needs and understand boundaries. Centaury is specifically indicated for people who tend to over-extend themselves in service to others, especially more dominant personalities. Sage: Sage flower essence helps us to understand life’s process from a higher perspective. Sage supports us to reflect on our life experiences, and ultimately better understand our life’s spiritual meaning and purpose. Angelica: Angelica flower essence is less specifically indicated for Libra season, and more for these times in general. Angelica essence helps us connect to the etheric realm, and connects us to spiritual protection and guidance. Especially helpful for those who feel overwhelmed by material or technological culture. Borage: Borage flower essence provides courage and heart-centered strength. For a more personalized flower essence remedy make an appointment with Herbalist Clare Kritter here or check out Clare's website Source: Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz.

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