Respiratory and Lung Health with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

Have you ever realized that you were holding your breath for an unexpected reason? I sure have! Whether I was excited, scared, nervous, swimming or fighting a chest cold — I have all the sudden stopped and had to remember to breath. Quickly, our bodies go into fight or flight mode. It sends off all sorts of warnings to all corners of our body that says, “Hey! Something is not right here!” Our breath is our Prana — it’s our life force that helps us to stay alive and sends oxygen to every cell of our body. When the breath is taken away everything becomes a challenge and our vision goes slightly fuzzy. Good thing our lungs typically remember to breath and this involuntary muscle keeps going on its own. Sometimes it takes a good friend to point out that you aren’t breathing in those intense moments. Thank Goodness for them! The breath can be hindered for many reasons. Here are a few things that I suggest for keeping them going and your vital life force tuned in!
  1. Find some quick breathing techniques that can calm you down in stressful or emotional moments. Here are 6 Breathing techniques:
  2. If your breathing concerns are caused by Asthma and you are in a pinch add a sprinkle cayenne in your water to help open up the bronchial airways. There are many herbs that can help with lung healing. Stop by the shoppe to see what works best for you. Or set up a private consultation with Ose Okijie, Erin Rose, Clare Kritter or Amanda Furbee.
  3. Have a chest cold? All of these THS products would be helpful to you in opening up the airways and getting rid of the infection:
May your breath always be full and serene! *Due to the devastating wild fires that are sweeping through our local Columbia River Gorge, this month we have decided to donate $1 for every Respiratory Relief Tea and Tincture sold. The money will be donated to help support rebuilding and revitalizing the gorge once the wild fires have ceased. To set up an in-person or video chat herbal or flower essence consultation with me email:

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