Pets and Animal Health with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

The big dreamy eyes, perked up ears, and undeniable love we receive from our animals simply does not compare to any other. As pet owners, we want our animals to have the best quality of life, food, and care around. Whether it's your favorite shaggy tail dog, Berkeley James (pictured above) or the slow moving reptilian Sally the Salamander, you want to know the best options for your pet's health. As our culture begins to re-educate ourselves on how what we put in our bodies truly affects us, we are also re-evaluating what we feed our pets. They have health care needs that are both biophysical and emotional and it's our responsibility to narrow down what is going on for them and do our best to help. I am not an expert in pets, but I do know that there are lots of herbs that are safe and effective for pets. You want to make sure you consult with your Veterinary before treating your animal on your own. It’s often hard to figure out what may be wrong with our 4-legged companions. Here is a list of some wonderful Veterinary Clinics and pet supply shops with a holistic mindset which are located in the Portland area:
  1. Keith Weingardt-Holistic Veterinarian. Check him out here:
  2. Heather MacFarlane-Pet Nutrition Consulting.
  3. Wagner-Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic- Holistic health care and acupuncture
  4. Green Dog Pet Supply-
  5. Salty’s North Portland Pet Supply-
Over the next little while, THS will be developing a line of all-natural pet products. We hear your cries for wanting your pets to be healthy. Tell us about your pets! What are the most common things you deal with for your pet’s health? This month, June, we are releasing a special pet formula for itchy and dry skin. Check it out: Pet Power powder blend! -Flower Essence are a great companion for the emotional well-being of your pet. Come chat with me and we can create the perfect blend for your pets. To set up an herbal or flower essence consultation with me email:

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