Mind's Meanderings: Poetry by Kelsey Bostwick

as the angio(aperture) dilates to let in light, dreamily drifting away from the night, the aboriginal adaptogen awakens the alchemy, of illuminated, altruistic visceral vitality.
her alluring, elusive energy boldly stands, in mountain thickets of eastern lands, withstanding the feverishly falling sands, of a bewildering, tangled, timed infinity.
she whispers a siberian secret of spirited soul, through the west winds of the sea, offering the cœur(ageous) cortex of her roots, in a timeless tincture or warming tea.
elemental eleuthero symbolically speaks, of an eternal flame which paradoxically piques, a slow burn that freely breathes a love so true, into the boundless, birthing bloods of blue, to temper and tonify with effortless ease, divers from the savory to the celestial seas ...
and all who exist desiring a fiery breeze, born of an energy that transcends through.
in the summer heat her hermaphroditic bloom, expresses berries with buds who grew, to give libran balance to her thorny, bitter bite, and to perfect her potent pungent hue.
orgasmically she births the reflective moon, through the sorcerous sun's warm, nourishing womb.

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