How To: Manage Energy Levels

Feeling fatigue from too much summer traveling? Worried the holidays are going to wear you out? Try a Maca and Ashwagandha Milkshake! Both herbs energize and rejuvenate the body, increase focus and alertness in the mind, and help to balance hormones, especially those linked with stress! Their nutty flavors combine well in protein or breakfast shakes, especially those with almond or peanut butter in them. You can also make a delicious milkshake by combining creamy and dairy free cashew milk ice cream with a handful of ice, some almond or coconut milk, vanilla extract, and heaping spoonful of Maca and Ashwagandha powder. Throw in a dash of salt and some pumpkin spices and it’s the perfect treat for Fall! Salud! Claire Herb Shoppe Internship Coordinator & Educator

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