Make Your Own: Lemon Pepper Turmeric Ghee

Have you ever had Ghee? Ghee is clarified butter that is loaded with many vitamins and healthy fats to add health benefits to your diet. When you make Ghee, you are removing the protein or butterfat (casin and whey) and the milk solids (this is where the lactose is) in the butter, and therefore some folks with dairy intolerances can enjoy Ghee and still enjoy a buttery flavor. Traditionally Ghee has been a staple in Ayurvedic medicine and diet. Infusing herbs into oils and fats is an excellent way to incorporate herbs into your daily rituals. In this simple and quick recipe we are going to infuse our Lemon Pepper Turmeric Spice Blend. Turmeric Power! Lemon Peel and Garlic is combined with Turmeric and Black Pepper to create our multi purpose anti-inflammatory Lemon Pepper Turmeric seasoning blend to incorporate into your daily meals and snacks! Turmeric is renowned for its major anti-inflammatory components, and studies show that it is even more effective when taken alongside Black Pepper. Enjoy this garlicky citrus seasoning on proteins, in soups or sprinkled over pasta and grains! Developed by our very own Nicole “Chef Nige” Worthington, this blend is inspired by the idea that food is medicine! Let's dive into how to make your very own Herbal Ghee! Here’s what you will need:
  • Double Boiler
  • Lemon Pepper Turmeric Blend - 1 oz.
  • Organic Butter Unsalted butter - 1 lb.
  • Glass Jar(s) - Enough to hold 1 lb. of ghee
  • Cheese Cloth or strainer bag
To Make Your Own: Lemon Pepper Turmeric Ghee
  1. Place water in the bottom part of the double boiler. Start to warm up and bring to a boil.
  2. Place the top pot on the double boiler and add the butter in. Let it start to melt. Keep it on a low temperature for about 10-15min.
  3. Stay with it and stir it frequently. You don’t want it to burn.
  4. It will start to froth (have a white foamy look on the top). Some folks will take the foam off as it starts, but it does take away some of the beneficial properties that are in the ghee.
  5. Strain the herb blend and froth out of the melted butter with cheesecloth or straining bag. The froth is the water coming up to the surface.
  6. Pour into glass jar and store. Label and Date.
  7. Add to all your dishes. You do not need to refrigerate.
  8. Enjoy!
Learning to make your own herbal products is a fun evolution to bringing balance to your life. On your person and in your home. We understand that not everyone likes to make his or her own products. We understand that not everyone likes to make their own products. We take great pleasure in creating products and recipes for you. However, learning to make your own herbal products is a fun evolution to bringing balance to your life. On your person and in your home. If you are interested in going more in depth to make all your own herbal products, get signed up for THS Make Your Own: Herbal Product Series, beginning in August 2020. In this 4-month, hands-on program we will dive into making an assortment of products for your hair, skin, body and home. Space is limited. Secure your spot today! To set up an herbal consultation with me, email:

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