Kidney and Urinary Health with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

The kidneys in Traditional Chinese Medicine are known as the powerhouse of the body. When another part of the body is low on energy or Qi the kidneys send additional life force support to that part. As fast-paced as todays world is, it's nice to take a moment to thank our kidneys for the relief they provide from fatigue and exhaustion. Winter is the time of year that we naturally want to slow down and so do the kidneys, in TCM this is the time of year associated with the kidneys. Representing that we need to rest for our kidneys to regenerate properly. The kidneys are working double time to help give you that extra strength. In the body the kidneys tend to represent the balancing act of the Yin and the Yang. They provide both the primordial yin or “true water” and the yang or the primordial yang or “true fire”. When the kidneys are not running cohesively with the body it will reflect through out the body in many areas not just what we commonly associate with the kidneys, water retention, gallstones and bladder infections. While continuing to learn about the body from many different perspectives of traditional medicine, I find the connection in TCM to be a fascinating holistic weaving that adds to my knowledge of the kidney’s in western herbalism. Once again proving in a multifaceted way of the importance to nourish each part of our being— inside out and bones to skin. Here is a nice breakdown for the kidneys and the connections to this bountiful balancing organ. -The bladder and adrenals are known as the partner organs to the kidneys. When the adrenals are shot or reoccurring bladder infections occur it may be time to nourish your kidneys. Check our October tea blend of the month: Gladder Bladder or our Tincture of the month: Urinary Acute, as an option to support kidney health. Also be sure to check out our Soul Shine Tea or Soul Shine Tincture blends for additional help. -Ears are the sensory organs related to the kidney. Often times are found in TCM to be linked to ear infections, tinnitus, deafness and other ear related concerns. By rubbing your ears for several minutes a day it can help to massage the meridians that are connected to the kidneys and can help to reduce chronic ear conditions that are related. -Bone is the tissue associated with the kidneys in TCM. Which means that your kidneys may need a bit of love if you are having concerns with bones or teeth. Another point of contact to reach and nourish the kidneys is through the soles of the feet. It is suggested to use acupressure or acupuncture on those meridians that can be reached through the soles of the feet. In addition stomping your feet for about 5 minutes a day can help to awaken those meridians connected to the kidneys through the feet. -In TCM salt is the taste that corresponds, nourishes and supports the kidneys. Not that you want to overload your body with salt, but having a healthy dose of salt in your daily intake is helpful in balancing the kidneys. -Fear is the emotion most commonly connected with the Kidneys in TCM. This information was the most surprising to me in my research on the kidneys. The idea that fear is stored in our body and can be regulated by nourishing this one organ blew me away. If you are experiencing panic attacks, anxiety or fear, start with taking a deep breath. By opening our minds around the idea that most conditions we experience can be healed through our bodies, we start to recognize this idea that “mental health” has been categorized into something far more grandeous than taking a basic look at the body and its organs. What is out of whack in your emotional life? Could it be incorrectly categorized? Maybe you just need to nourish the correct organ for the best results. To set up an in-person or video chat herbal or flower essence consultation with me email:

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