How To Tip for June: Prostate Health!

How To Tip for June: Prostate Health! There is far less information available today about men's health compared to other topics of health. Many herbalists wonder why this is- is it because men are over all healthier beings? Is it because men tend to talk less about what ails them and troubles them emotionally and physically? Or is it simply because we just don't have enough research on the subject? Whatever the case many herbalists I work with are trying to change this and make information on men's health more abundant and available. In this how-to article we will focus on how to maintain a healthy prostate. In America today 1 in 7 men are affected by prostate cancer and it is the most common non skin cancer in our country. I think most men would agree that their prostate is valuable and important to them, so let's talk about it! Here at The Herb Shoppe, we love herbs! But there is more to a healthy lifestyle than drinking tea everyday. The best way to live a healthy life is by treating your body with tenderness and feeding your temple with nutrients and love everyday- preventative medicine is key! What are you feeding your body? Staying away from sodium dense and fatty foods wont only be good for your cholesterol it will benefit your overall health and increase vitality and endurance as well. Try incorporating these into your daily regiment: Dark leafy greens- an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and fiber. Pumpkin seeds- calcium rich and support the nervous system. Berries- high in Vitamin C and can help ease benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) symptoms by promoting urination and reducing swelling. Beans and seeds- packed with protein and fiber- great for the prostate! Exercise- I know finding the time to work out can be difficult, but by adding in even twenty minutes of exercise a day can really benefit your overall health. Try taking walks in the morning and evening. Keeping your body moving will help to increase circulation and keep your blood flowing. Sitting can be a big contributor to prostatitis as well so if you find yourself stuck at your computer, try a standing desk, or moving around every hour, a little stretch or a walk to the water cooler will do your body good! A consistent sex life- Well here is a fun recipe for prostate health!!! My favorite herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar says, “Irregular sexual patterns, i.e. intense sexual activity after a long period of inactivity or a period of inactivity after intense sexual play can be a precursor of prostatitis.” So keeping a consistent sex life is a great way to exercise your prostate. Hooray! Herbs- Now, onto our herbal companions. These herbs are great for men. Try using them individually or in a formula. You can get these herbs in bulk to drink daily as a tea, in tincture for a tonic or even in powders to capsule yourself or add to your morning smoothies. Come into the Shoppe and ask us to help you blend your own custom formula! Also stop into the shoppe and sample out our tea blend of the month, “MasculiniTEA” made special for all the men out there. Herbs for prostate health: Saw Palmetto Fo-Ti Ashwagandha Pau d’Arco Muira Puama Sarsaparilla Pine Pollen And most importantly guys, speak up about your health! Reach out to those around you, talk amongst yourselves, experiment with herbs and share your formulas. For all the prostates out there let's work together and educate each other on whats happening inside the male body!

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