How To: Improve your Digestion with Oxymels

How To: Improve your Digestion with Oxymels

Oxy-what? Oxymel! It literally means “acid and honey” in Latin. Traditionally, a drink created by the Greeks and made famous by Hippocrates, Oxymels would later be used to administer herbs that might not be so pleasant to take on their own. Basically an Oxymel is apple cider vinegar and honey infused with herbs. Fire Cider is a well-known Oxymel. These delicious healing elixirs are fabulous for digestion as well! Apple cider vinegar replenishes digestive acids as well as providing pectin, an important fiber to keep things moving along. Make a batch at home or try Kevita – a brand that makes flavors like Meyer Lemon, Turmeric and Ginger or Cinnamon!



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