Herbal How To: Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome with Calendula

When many of us think of Calendula, we visualize the bright orange flowers that make her the Queen of the Marigolds. We’re all familiar with her amazing ability to heal tissues when infused in a simple salve. Indeed Calendula and Plantain are a famous pair for their incredible vulnerary properties and ability to heal all sorts of skin conditions. However, did you know that taken internally Calendula’s vulnerary properties can help heal something as serious as leaky gut syndrome? Sajah Popham from the School of Evolutionary Herbalism says that Calendula’s vulnerary action heals the wound of a leaky gut (due to anti-biotic overuse or food intolerances related to auto-immune diseases). Her lymphatic properties can flush liver congestion and bloating often associated with these illnesses. So reconsider our friendly orange flower if you are addressing an auto-immune disease – it can do wonders internally as well as externally! And check out the rest of Sajah’s lecture on Calendula in his Materia Medica Monthly Journal! Salud! Claire Herb Shoppe Events and Internship Coordinator

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