Herbal Blend Recipe: How to Make Natural Cleaning Products

Who loves a good Spring Clean??? I sure do! It is one of my favorite times of the year where not only do I do a mental de-cluttering, but also a physical elimination of physical clutter and a good scrub of my home from ceiling to floor. It feels soooo good! Open the curtains and shake all the dust off! A few years ago I started experimenting with making my own cleaning products and was shocked that with a few simple ingredients I could make my own natural cleaning products for my home. With a few simple household products you can make a multi-surface cleaner, scrubbing cleaner, room freshener, and laundry detergent. You may even have most of these ingredients already around your home. Here’s what you will need: Course or Fine ground Salt Baking Soda Washing Soda Bar Soap White Distilled Vinegar Distilled Water (Flower Waters like Rose and Lavender) Alcohol Essential Oils of Choice Natural Laundry Detergent: 2 cups Baking Soda 4 cups Washing Soda 2 cups Bar Soap (whatever sent you prefer) Essential Oils- Maybe you want something fresh like Mint or Lemon. Soothing like Lavender or Chamomile. Rejuvenating or uplifting, orange or geranium. Creating your own scent is, as unique as, each one of us is. To Make: Grind up the Bar Soap in a vitamix or ninja. This can be any variety of Laundry Bar Soap you like. Play around with different scents to see what you prefer or do unscented. Add all the dry ingredients together and add essential oils to desired scent is achieved. I suggest starting with 10-20 drops. Label and date. Save your receipt so you know what you did for the next time. To Use: 1-2 Tablespoons per load. Multi-Purpose Cleaner 4oz Distilled Water 4oz White Distilled Vinegar Essential Oils of Choice 8oz Spray Bottle To Make: Mix the Distilled Water with the Vinegar. Add Essential Oils to your desired scent. Check out our essential oils to read all about a variety of scents. I suggest starting with 10-20 drops. Equal parts works well for making a multi-purpose cleaner. You can use this on hard surfaces and great on mirrors. Make a fun label and add all ingredients on there for future reference. To use: Apply to surface and wipe with a reusable cloth. Natural Room Spray 1.75oz Distilled Water (Flower water would be a nice option) .25oz Alcohol Essential Oils of Choice 2oz Spray Bottle To Make: Mix all ingredients together. Add Essential Oils to scent preference. I suggest starting with 5-10 drops since the bottle is much smaller. This makes a great spray for your room, linens or your body. To Use: Apply in the air as often as needed. Natural Scrubbing Cleaner 3oz Baking Soda 1oz Salt (Fine or Course) Essential Oils of Choice 4oz Shaking Container To Make: Mix all ingredients together. Add Essential Oils to scent preference. I suggest starting with 5-10 drops since the bottle is much smaller. Label with ingredients. Use on your bathtub or shower, sinks and toilets. To Use: Apply to area of cleaning, use a scrubbing brush and rinse with fresh water. Learning to make your own natural products is a fun evolution to bringing balance to your life. On your person and in your home. We understand that not everyone likes to make his or her own products. We take great pleasure in creating products for you! Check out our 2 New Cleaning Line’s Citrus Forest & Summer Wind. To set up an herbal consultation with me email: info@theherbshoppepharmacy.com

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