Gut Health with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

One thing that seems to be a reoccurring theme while working with folks on the regular is digestion and gut health. The question seems to be on the rise and raising curious eyebrows with folks about their health. Learning about my own personal digestion concerns opened my eyes to fully understanding how important what we put in our bodies affects all aspects of our systems and how they relate to each other. When digestion is not properly function it can affect our hormones, mental health, skin conditions and clarity of mind, to say the least. It is the tale-tale sign of: Putting good things in your body and getting good results. In the Book Back to Eden, Jethro Kloss, writes about his case studies of how over and over again he nourishes men, women and children back to health. These patients had been sworn off as not curable. During this time our country was seeing a major revolution in our bodies based on how our diets had changed. The introduction of processed sugar and foods were hot on the market. On the regular I see more and more folks thirsty for the knowledge to know more about how to feel better. Starting with understanding your gut health is a beautiful beginning to recognizing what your body needs. I do not believe there is a one size fits all approach to finding out what your body likes and does not like. We have all seen many approaches to whatever crash diet fad is on the rise. Not that these diets don’t have merit in certain approaches, but they should be valued more as a way of testing your body to see if that feels right and is a maintainable approach to living your life. However, I do believe that starting to understand and register what works best for you is crucial in having high function in our daily lives. Helping us to become the most fully functioning person we are available to be. In November I tend to ground myself and my diet for the shift of season. It’s easy to crave comfort foods for me during this transition. In knowing that my body craves those things I am learning how to create delicious foods that still provide that same feeling of “Comfort Food” with ingredients that don’t affect my body negatively. It is a leap in growth in everything from how I cook to challenging myself with new and fascinating ingredients. Want to know more about healthy cooking tips? Check out Chef Nige classes this month on cooking with herbs. If you are curious to know about your own gut health then I encourage beginning with an anti-inflammatory diet. There are many foods that cause inflammation in the body can cause all sorts of chaos for our gut health. Some tools to help along the way would be to team up your anti-inflammatory experiment with our Well Belly Blend, Smooth Operator Tea Blend or our New Tea & Tincture Blend of the Month Stomach Soother. -Well Belly is a soothing demulcent combination with tissue-healers and non-irritating digestives herbs to calm GI pain, inflammation, and bloating. -Smooth Operator Tea Blend-This blend was carefully crafted to help your digestion to move along in a nice and easy fashion. Pour yourself a cup of Smooth Operator and put your guy to ease. -This Months Tea Blend of the Month: Stomach Soother. This Blend is formulated to bring you relief from nervous stomach, nausea, and general gastro intestinal unrest. Need something more on the go? Grab our Stomach Soother Tincture and have it by your side and ready for action. Taking care of our gut is a great foundation for healthy living and longevity. If you want to discover more about your gut health through consultation and naturopathic care reach out to one of our practitioners at the Shoppe. To set up an in-person or video chat herbal or flower essence consultation with me email:

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