Gender and Hormones with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

As humanity evolves and grows so do our ideas of gender. If you take a moment and observe all around the world, each culture has its own traditions and roles regarding gender. Traditions are passed down from older generations within the social system, and become the standard for what is acceptable in a given society. We all have a balance of masculine and feminine within us. These may fluctuate back and forth; many of us find we have one more dominant energy. Traditional Chinese medicine recognizes the energies of Yin (Feminine) and Yang (Masculine), with many people tending toward one more than the other. I often find that, in my personal experience, the Yin and Yang can be related to which astrology sign is more dominate. I have water, fire and earth predominantly in my chart. When my water is more dominant the feminine or Yin qualities of my sign tend to be more prominent, when the fire comes out in my personality it tends to be ruled by my Yang and fire sign. Thank goodness for the earth sign in me that is constantly balancing the two. All of Mother Nature’s elements help us to maintain harmony. Most of our lives we spend trying to define and understand the depths of ourselves. I appreciate the beauty in finding balance between the Yin and the Yang in all of us, verses defining who we are as Male or Female. That constant teeter tottering of finding our personal center is a forever-evolving act, just as is our understanding of each other. Take a moment, listen, learn and appreciate how we are all different. I am grateful to the Portland plant community for welcoming and embracing diversity and equality in all. There are many great tools out there for you if you find yourself in an internal balancing act between Yin and Yang. -The Q Center-Has many resources for all and a strong ally for gender equality. Check them out. -The WHO (World Health Organization) has some understanding of Gender: -May’s tea blend of the month can help you harmonize hormones & nourish the reproductive system. Yin-Yang Synergy Tea. - For trans folks who choose to undergo gender-affirming surgeries or hair removal, herbs can help soothe and repair the skin. Check out this month’s special skin healing & scar reducing salve. -Flower Essences can be great tools for healing energetic and emotional imbalances, including those related to gender identity. Here at the shop, we are able to custom blend flower essences out of a library of over a hundred. Here are a few worth looking into: -Calla Lily -Penstemom -Pine -Pink Monkeyflower Thank you for being you and letting your unique light shine! My personal motto is to always love one another for who we are. Listen to your neighbor as they share their words of wisdom, may we become a more understanding and caring society that accepts All just as we are. To set up an herbal or flower essence consultation with me email:

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