Five Steps for Balancing the Feminine

“A Woman. The divine female, all powerful and creative force! Life bringing source of infinite love and beauty!” One of my favorite authors and herbalists said it best; “For millions of years Wise Women have used herbs – gathered, eaten, tended and loved herbs.. " (Susun Weed) As history tells itself, these traditions were sadly lost as men ruled in fear, burning at the stake the Wise Women who healed with herbs, the midwives, and the ones who celebrated the cyclical ways. Without our connections to each other and the earth, without our mothers' wisdom, we have forgotten our power... But the Wise Women live in our dreams, our visions, our deepest memories! We hear their whispers and we listen. Aho! The power of the divine feminine and our ability to connect into ourselves and into the earth! But what does that look for us modern folks living in the twenty-first century? How can we get back to those intuitive roots to help us remember who we really are? “From the very beginnings of civilization, rituals have been performed to align our energies with the natural and cosmic forces that surround us, to make us aware that we are part of the larger whole, and that our thoughts, actions and feelings influence those around us and the environment.” (Marcia Starck, 1993) How do you define being a woman and or more importantly how do you connect to this energy? These for me these are daily practices, such as as yoga, meditation, ritual or daily mantra. These activities are necessary daily medicines, for these medicines remind me of my truest nature as a healer and woman. This divine connection not only feels extremely important, but undoubtedly is ancient and passed through from my ancestors. Here are some helpful tips that I have come to incorporate into my daily practice: MEDITATION (both seated and active): - Sacred Space. For a seated mediation, create a sacred space by setting up a small alter with your favorite herbs, crystals, feathers. You can burn sage or palo santo to smudge the space as well! - Practice awareness. As we sit down and close our eyes to bring our awareness inwards, we start to cultivate a state of awareness; awareness of body, breath, thoughts and self. Settle into that space where you bear witness to the vastness of your being! Don't get discouraged if you have a million thoughts. The practice is in learning to sit with your thoughts rather than react to them. Practice patience with yourself! - Plant Medicine. Incorporate plant medicines into your mediation practice by taking a drop of your favorite tincture. You simply allow yourself to feel the plant! The plants have so many beautiful messages and teachings - Practice yoga. In this state of awareness, stretch breath and find movement in your body. The body has so much knowledge it is important to take the time to listen and gather feedback from it! - Garden. Practice awareness of self, of breath and of being present right in your own back yard. Not only is gardening theraputic, but there are often beautiful results and learning lessons to be had when you get your hands dirty. “Women need a habitual way to become aware of the natural rhythms of their bodies and the connection their bodies have to the rhythms of the universe.” (Marcia Starck, 1993)

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