Energy and Vitality with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

Soul. Being. Spirit. Aura. ENERGY. What is energy and how does it affect you and the people you come in contact with? How does energy transcribe in the physical body as well as the emotional body? Everyday I feel like I am trying to understand all aspects of energy. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to only see people by their energy? Would we automatically understand so much more about their being just by our senses and engagement with that person? Would you be more attracted to a certain type of energy? My mind races on with a plethora of thoughts revolving around what energy might be? Yesterday in my herbal immersion course with Jon Keyes we were working with bleeding heart in flower essence and tincture. One thing I noticed during our meditation with this plant is that it high-lighted in me where my body needed energy. It came across as sore and tired in the physical stance, but in the energetic stance it opened my eyes to understanding that those are the areas of my body that I need to nourish and not push so hard. Give some extra love to! In herbalism, it is common to take a look at the body’s systems in order to heal the parts that need nourishing. For example if you are having acne it may be time to take a look at your liver. Once you cleanse your liver you are cleansing your skin. Understanding each function of the body will help give you a perspective on what is going on from the inside out. When I feel that my energy is out of balance I begin with the food and drink that I am consuming. Food is medicine. Incorporating herbs into your diet can be a nice extension to “Taking your medicine”. Taking a look at what I am eating is almost always a tell-tale sign of how I am feeling. The more you know about what your body likes and doesn’t the better you will be able to nourish it. For a great way to understand your bodies likes and dislikes do the anti-inflammatory diet. This time of year our bodies, mind and souls are waking up! They are sluggish from a long winter of hibernation—itching to create and move our bodies. Some days are easier and some days are harder to get a little jumpstart as we ebb and flow between winter and summer. But as the days get longer this will also help to nourish our energy levels. Introducing a nourishing tea blend with herbs to help balance the adrenals and provide a natural boost, can help to jumpstart your spring re-emergence. This month at THS we are introducing our Energy Tea’s and Tinctures. Take at these delicious blends: Holy Mate- Invigorating to the mind, body and soul. An energizing, Yerba Mate-based blend that offers steady but grounded energy for your daily needs. Better Than Coffee- All natural energy, none of the jitters. Better Than Coffee is an herbal coffee substitute reminiscent of our favorite morning beverage but caffeine (and caffeine-crash) free. Power packed herbs like Ashwagandha and Maca are paired with Roasted Chicory and Dandelion Root to provide all natural energy with the flavor profile of your favorite dark roast. Body Boost Tea & Tincture- Jumpstart your metabolism. Using some of our favorite energizing herbs, Body Boost Tea jumpstarts the metabolism by supporting energy production throughout the body. Stop by and see us to view our complete line of allergy allies. To set up an herbal consultation with me for allergies either in person or via facetime or skype: To set up an herbal consultation with me email:

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