Electric Roots: Blackened Tempeh Steaks with Creamy Collard Slaw

Hey y’all!! Summer is FINALLY here! Ok, not officially for a couple weeks... BUT, if I leave without any jackets and it’s still light out at 9pm, we’re close enough right? Some of my favorite things about this time of year are all the gatherings around the grill, parties in the backyard and hanging in the trees by a camp fire. So, what’s an outdoor gathering without some hot grilled grub and cold drinks? I am so so jazzed about this month’s recipe. Not only is it a perfect go-to for summer hangin' and grillin', but it is brought to life by my brand new culinary spice blend we're debuting this month at the Shoppe-- our Chicory Cacao Blackened Seasoning and Rub. This blend is a great play on a classic blackening seasoning with some added depth from our plant friends Chicory and Cacao. It’s smoky and bright, bursting with flavor from chile, garlic and thyme, and a little added sweetness from powdered anise (there’s no added sugar in this version). This seasoning is a perfect dry marinade for the grill or pan and works well on lots of things like tempeh, tofu, buttered corn or veggies, steak, chicken, etc etc. It’s also tasty off the grill, swirled into a mayo for your burger, or to spice up some creamy pasta. Follow me or message me on instagram for more ideas! (instagram @nigechef). So, the recipe itself is pretty simple and relatively quick despite marinating times. (On that note- tempeh really absorbs whatever you put on it--the longer you give it, the better here, but will still be great if you give it 30 minutes). This recipe of rich blackened tempeh steaks set atop a pile of cool creamy collard slaw is great to take to a party or just pack for yourself for a cool summer lunch or dinner. Recipe: Blackened Tempeh Steaks Ingredients: 1 8oz package of tempeh (1 package will serve about 3 hungry people, double up if you are serving for a party) 2 tablespoons Chicory Cacao Blackened Seasoning/Rub 2 Tablespoons Olive or Sunflower oil +more for searing in the pan Juice of ½ a lime 1/2 teaspoon raw or organic honey ¼ teaspoon sea salt 2 teaspoons water Grab a large bowl and whisk together all ingredients except the tempeh. Set aside. Grab your tempeh. If it is already a square shape, just slice it through the center horizontally to make two slabs (kinda like you are cutting a bagel). If it is in a rectangle, cut it in half in the center to make two squares, and then slice those squares like a bagel. Place tempeh steaks into bowl one at a time and rub all over with blackened seasoning paste. Once all steaks are covered, and can throw them into the bowl and allow to marinate for at least 30 minutes, or slam em into a sandwich baggie and seal for a bit in the fridge. (**Let marinate as long as you can and even up to a couple days) Once marinated, grab a frying pan and set the heat to medium/ medium high and pour some oil in the pan while it’s heating up. Wait a few minutes, put a tiny piece of the tempeh in the pan to see if it sizzles a little bit. Once the oil is ready, put a couple steaks into the pan. Allow them to sizzle and blacken on one side a few minutes (make sure that oven vent is on). After 3 minutes or so, flip them over and allow to blacken on second side about 3 more minutes. Pull steaks out with your spatula and place on a paper towel lined plate. Allow to cool slightly and then feast! Serve like a steak over your slaw or slice up and fan over. (Note: the above recipe is made on the stove top so it is easy to make at home for anyone. If you are going to grill, marinate and place on the grill and flip once you see some grill marks. Serve the same way! ) Slaw: Ingredients: About a quarter of a small cabbage -shredded About 4-6 collard green leaves sliced into little ribbons ¼ red onion- julienned thin A small handful of rough chopped cilantro leaves A small handful of thinly sliced green onions -For the dressing: 2 tablespoon Vegan Mayonnaise 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar juice of ½ a lime ½ teaspoon agave nectar or honey ¼ teaspoon sea salt Dash of black pepper Method: Whisk all the dressing ingredients together in a large bowl big enough to accommodate your slaw. Add all the slaw, and mix together, coating all of your slaw with the dressing. Top with tempeh steaks! Plant based! Vegan! Gluten free! Antioxidents! Leafy Greens! Have a great Solstice and beginning of Summer everyone, stay cool and keep on grubbin! Your pal, Nige

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