Culinary Recipes with Chef Nige: Perfect Popcorn

Perfect Popcorn!
We’ve completed our tasty popcorn seasoning just in time for everyone's favorite after school snack break! (Or for your next binge-watching session??). Our Perfect Popcorn Seasoning is loaded with all-natural flavor and some herbal allies like nettle and parsley! Savory, cheezy, and ready to be devoured- grab our Perfect Popcorn seasoning for a fast healthy snack … Easy Popcorn recipe with THS Perfect Popcorn Seasoning: ¼ cup popcorn kernels 2 tablespoons sunflower oil (or any mild tasting oil) 2 tablespoons THS Perfect Popcorn Seasoning 1 teaspoon coconut oil (melted) *optional Heat sunflower oil in pot over medium heat. After a couple minutes, put a couple popcorn kernels in the pan to test the heat of the oil, and cover with lid. Once the kernels start popping, take your lid off and pour the rest of your kernels into the pot. Move pot around overheat, or grab a large spatula and move kernels around continuously in pot, to keep kernels from burning. Keep stirring. Once you hear less and less kernels popping, and the popping slows to a minimum, turn off heat and remove pot from stove. Pour on your *coconut oil, and sprinkle on Perfect Popcorn seasoning. Toss to coat evenly, and enjoy!

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