Culinary Recipes with Chef Nige: Open Heart Mulling Spice

Hi folks! with the Equinox behind us, it is time to dive right into fall and I am ready to get cozy. It’s time for long pants, comfy sweaters, falling leaves and hot beverages. I have helped formulate a brand new Shoppe blend to help arm you during these cooler months, combining classic mulling spices with a special addition. Introducing our Open Heart Mulling Spice blend! Our new fall culinary addition combines classic mulling spices with gentle Hawthorn berries to keep you warm and smiling throughout these cooler months. Add Open Heart Mulling spice to wine, cider, or cocktails or make as a tea for a heart centered beverage you can sip all season long. Lovely heart opening Hawthorn berries are combined with warm cinnamon, spicy cardamom, ginger, and floral anise. Topped off with a pinch of orange peel citrus and black pepper, our blend is a wonderful addition to your gatherings and to give a little warmth and spice to your hot drinks. Check out Open Heart Mulling Spice online for brewing instructions! Happy Fall everyone! Love, Nicole For a list of Nicole’s fall cooking classes right here at the Shoppe, click here. For more fun plant based and herbal recipes by Nicole “Chef Nige” Worthington please visit or follow her on instagram.

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