Creating Ceremony with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

What does it mean to have a ceremony? There are many definitions of what a ceremony can be. We see it within religious practices, wedding’s, and in ritual traditions. The word ceremony is used fluidly across cultures. In essence, any time we take part in a sacred act with intention we are going into ceremonial space. When we make wishes and have dreams about what we want our lives to be we go into ceremony with ourselves. When we ground ourselves and ask for what we want, we begin to manifest. Often times we have to ask, release and walk away trusting that our guides and intuitions will take those prayers and wishes with them so that we may rest our insistent repetitive requests. Once I release such wishes, I often find that, like a bolt of lightning, I have clarity and direction that I did not have beforehand. When things seem unsure in my life or I need some guidance, I go into ceremony with myself. Some ways that I do this are through meditation or quieting the mind, yoga or nature. Turning off all distractions and interactions. This month at The Herb Shoppe we celebrate Ceremony. We have created a delightful blend of mists to help you in our own journey of manifesting your fullest desires. Opulence Abundance Mist - Call in abundance. Rooted Grounding Mist - Ground down to rise up. Mother Moon Mist - Align and connect to the cycle of the orb. Psychic Ascension Mist - Open to the intuitive insights of the third-eye. Shield Protecting Mist - Stand strong in your power. Glowing Heart Mist - You are a being of love. Room to Breathe Clearing Mist - Supports a clear mind and a clear path forward. Stop by and see us to view our complete line of ceremonial products. To set up an herbal consultation with me, either in person or via facetime or skype:

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