Chinese Medicine & Blood

It’s all about the blood! I know, sounds like a horror film right? Well, the truth is, blood makes up most of our internal body, so if it’s out of whack you will know! For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has focused much of it's efforts on balancing the blood, especially for the ladies. While men are usually lacking Qi (vital oxygen) balance, women tend to be deficient in blood health. Some of the steps that a TCM practitioner will take to normalize blood is to nourish, move, cool and/or warm. So if you have a symptom or complaint resulting from a blood disharmony, there isn’t just one approach. I will look at the symptoms, but also at the root of why these symptoms are taking form. Each condition may have up to five different approaches to remedy the complaint. I look at the body as a whole, so while working on one issue, another part of the body may also improve. The typical modalities used to influence blood health are acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and moxibustion. Please visit my website for more information or to make an appointment.

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