Buttercup Flower Essence with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

In 2020, I would like to explore flower essences with you. This very gentle, but powerful medicine is taken in small doses, otherwise known as micro-dosing. Each month we will take a deeper look at one plant and how it might be beneficial to you. The beauty of flower essence is that it works by enhancing and working with the energetic body. Flower essences are subtle energetic medicine to help and shift whatever energy you are working on, by embracing the spirit of each individual plant. I know that I am constantly trying to evolve and breakdown the layers of life to be a more well-rounded and grounded person. At times, the older we become, the muddier it gets to try and remember the core essence of our beings. Our emotions often rule our whole life. Whether or not we want to admit it, our mood can make or break a day or moment in time. Cheer up Buttercup! The adorable saying rings true with this beautiful, simple and delicate flower. Its five yellow petals appear to have a very gentle "hello" in mind. Every time I encounter a Buttercup on a little nature walk, it seems to brighten my day, simply saying, “Hello, it's all going to be okay”. There is something very soothing about the color yellow in a flower. It can brighten a grey day or moment in history. Buttercup Flower Essence and I became friends a few years back, while I was going through a pretty intense internal battle with myself. I was constantly asking: Who am I? What I am I doing with my life? I felt like I was on a rollercoaster of the unknown without any clear direction. A friend of mine gifted me Flower Essence of Buttercup to help me understand that radiant inner light comes from our soul. It’s not about what we look like or how society makes us feel that we should look. More so it’s about finding inner peace within and shining in our true nature. I found that once I discovered my inner beauty, the light within seemed to shine brighter. All of the sudden people said, "you are glowing" or "you have such a golden light." This was a new vision of myself. I was radiating inner joy because I had found the piece of me that made me glow. My passion and true North. Although this is always evolving, Buttercup’s subtle medicine helped to guide me out of the dark and into the light. Buttercup can be helpful in these situations:
  • Finding your inner radiant light.
  • Helping you to be self-assured.
  • Accepting who you are at the core and loving it!
  • Humbling our outward obtrusive persona and nourishing the inner soul.
  • See your own inner light.
  • Hold you up, when your self-worth/esteem feels low.
  • Allows the soul to gather inner strength.
  • Softens personal judgment of oneself.
The flower essence society describes Buttercup perfectly: This essence helps the soul to realize and sustain its beautiful inner light, which becomes a source of great healing and peace for all whom it contacts. Let your inner light shine! Check out our complete line of THS Flower Essence products, create your own custom blend in our blending bar, or set up a consultation with me to dive deeper into your emotional and energetic world. To set up an herbal consultation with me, either in person or via Facetime or Skype, email: info@theherbshoppepharmacy.com

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