Body Care Recipe: Make your own After Sun Soothing Spritzer!

As with all Spritzer blends, they are super fun, quick and easy to make! This natural blend will soothe your skin when you have had just a little too much fun in the sun. Make a batch and give them to all your friends. After Sun Soothing Spritzer: What your need: 4oz bottle-14 Aloe Vera Gel-16oz Distilled water-32oz Witch Hazel Extract-8oz Vitamin E-1/2oz Lavender Essential Oil-25 drops .25oz Plantain leaf .25oz Calendula flower .25oz Sage leaf How to make: -Take bulk herbs (Plantain leaf, Calendula flower, Sage Leaf) Add to 32oz of water. Bring to a boil, let sit for 3-5 min, bring to a simmer. Strain bulk herbs, set herbal infusion to the side to cool to room temperature. -Take the herbal infusion and blend with 16oz of aloe gel in a mixer, add witch hazel extract. Blend till smooth. -Add 25 drops of Lavender E.O to 1/2oz vitamin E oil. Add to the rest of the blend once completely cooled. -Bottle and Label! Share with everyone who loves the Sun! To set up an herbal consultation with me email:

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