Body Care Blend: Tooth Powder The health of our teeth is equally as important as our skin, gut or any other part of the body. We are introducing four new products at THS that are all about oral health. Lucky for us, there are many plants that are ready to be our oral side-kicks. I'll discuss some of my favorite herbs for oral health and the ways you can utilize these herbs for your teeth and gums. One of the first plants that I ever worked with was Plantain leaf. This little green leafy plant grows most everywhere. It is kind of like dandelion in its ability to grow in such abundance. To this day still one of my favorites because of its property to pull toxins and poisons. Spilanthes whoa! What power these little flower buds have! One little bud in your mouth and your whole mouth is tingling and numb. Mint always a tasty addition to an tooth powder, mouth wash or breath freshener. Whether it is spearmint or peppermint — never a bad idea. Clove is an age-old remedy for oral health care. Its anti-bacterial and numbing properties have been used for infections as well as teething babies. Activated Charcoal, who would have thought that adding this amazingly fluffy and seemingly gravity defying black powder to your teeth would help to whiten your teeth. Add a little bit to your favorite tooth paste powder blend. Making your own herbal tooth paste powder is simple. Check out this recipe to create your own blend: 1 oz Plantain Leaf powder .25 oz Myrrh powder 1 oz Bentonite Clay 1 oz Peppermint Leaf .25 oz Clove powder To Make your own Herbal Tooth Paste Blend: Grab all whole herbs that are not powder and grind to as fine of a powder as you can. A food processor or coffee grinder will grind the majority of these plants. For the resins, purchase in powder form. Mix all together and add to containers that you can seal. If you want to work on whitening your teeth add .10 oz to your blend of activated charcoal. This makes approximately 3.5oz of dried herbal tooth powder. Label and date! Sprinkle on your tooth brush for a delicious new herbal tooth paste. To set up an herbal consultation with me email:

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