Herbal How To: Balance Your Hormones with a Milkshake!

Chronic stress, pollution, and unhealthy eating habits can create long term disturbances in our anti-stress, sex, sleep, and metabolic hormones. However, adaptogenic herbs such as Astragalus, Ginseng, Eleuthero, Schizandra, and Ashwagandha can actually balance our hormones, provide us natural energy boosts and bring back our vibrancy! Some adaptogenic herbs stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system while others calm the sympathetic nervous system, but both reduce stress and allow us to further adapt to this hectic world we live in. One way to incorporate adaptogens is to create delicious desserts with them! Such as a dairy-free Maca and Ashwagandha Milkshake! Combine 1 tsp Ashwagandha powder, 1 tsp Maca powder, ½ a teaspoon Vanilla powder, ½ a teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice (or a combination of Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom and Clove), and a dash of sea salt, with a cup of dairy free milk, and as much dairy free ice cream as you think is necessary for a thick and creamy shake! Cashew ice cream really blends well with the flavors of Ashwagandha and Maca! Who says medicine can’t taste good? Salud! Claire Herb Shoppe Events and Internship Coordinator

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